Susan to add content for below four topics;
    •    Tips for rainy day weddings
    •    Stress free family photos
    •    7 tips for enjoying your big day
    •    What to look for in a wedding venue

Other topics;
    •    What are the three most useful questions a newly engaged couple can ask you and what advice can you offer in response?

    •    What’s the best time and light to do the photos?

Usually 2 hours before sunset, depending on whether any landscapes are blocking the sun going down.  A good photographer will help you plan this into your timeline and should provide guidance.

    •    What can we do in the event of wet weather?

While the venue should provide you with options, I always pride myself on covering all contingencies so we have a number of locations we can photograph at in different weather conditions.

    •    What’s your back up plan if you’re unable to shoot the wedding, will a photographer with equal photography and interpersonal skills be provided?

I’ve never missed a wedding! That said, I do have a network of photographers who could cover this unlikely scenario. This back up plan is written into in our client agreements.

    •    What are some questions couples should ask themselves before hiring a wedding photographer?

Of all wedding vendors, you’ll spend the most amount of time on the day with your photographer. In order to get the best shots for your big day, you need to trust them and their process 100%.
Ask yourself;
    •    Do I trust this person, or are we simply ticking another vendor off our to do list?
    •    Am I comfortable with how they communicate and their style?
    •    Does this person listen to our needs and address our concerns?  
Consider whether/how your photographer will bring out the best in you and make you feel comfortable.  

    •    What is the best advice you can give to couples hiring a wedding photographer?
Understand what their approach is and whether it will work for you eg: do they like to direct and stage everything or is their interaction more documentary, fly on the wall style? Sometimes it might be both which is essential for certain parts of the day. It’s important to know how they’ll interact with you and your guests, so there are no surprises on the day.  

    •    How might couples start planning their wedding?
Firstly I would recommend talking things over together and coming up with your own ideas and vision for your day as a starting point eg:
    •    What do we want for our day – something intimate and casual? Grand and luxe? Traditional or eclectic?    
    •    What’s the setting – country or city?
    •    What do we want to include or prioritise?
    •    What’s not so important eg: are there any wedding “traditions” that don’t really gel with us?
Make a list – I love lists.  That way you can have a focused target or search term for when you look for inspiration via Google.

    •    Where’s the best place for couples to get their daily dose of inspiration?
My favourite go to places for inspiration include Hello May, White magazine (includes information on weddings and an all – round look at relationships and connection), Wed-shed for some unique venues, Junebug and Nouba.