How would you describe yourself?

I’m made in NZ and now living in Sydney having travelled many places around the globe with a big stint in London.

I’m an adventurer at heart…apart from my husband/partner in crime and family and friends, I love camping and the outdoors, travel and meeting new people.

What’s your earliest memory of photography?

Taking photos was at the age of 9, when I inherited my dad’s 35mm  film camera. I would document whatever was happening around me. Once that roll winded back into it’s case I’d excitedly run the film to our local chemist in Wellington. Three days would pass and I’d always hope the images would turn out – thankfully most of them did.

It was all for fun and the joy of documenting life. Looking back at these memories I’m so glad I still have them today – I cherish them dearly.

How did you get into wedding photography?

I was studying photography at Tafe and assisting commercial photographers four years ago when I was at a friends’ wedding where I was thrown into the deep end. I showed up to the ceremony and their photographer hadn’t arrived. I quickly jumped in, photographed their special day and loved it. The timing was serendipitous and I took it as a sign to go down this path rather than pursue commercial photography. I haven’t looked back since!

What do you love most about working with newly engaged couples?

Hearing their plans for their big day, learning a bit about how they met and why they were drawn to each other – this helps me understand who they are individually and as a couple and how to best capture the essence of their big day. 

What are your favourite type of weddings?

Well, you know those weddings which are bigger than ‘Ben Hur’ and all for show? That’s not the type of wedding we photograph! I’m not into shooting weddings that are not true to a couples core values and which have pandered to what everyone else wanted.
Our couples want a celebration with their nearest and dearest, rather than trying to impress 500 guests that are not significant and close to them. Our clients appreciate the value of an image and are unafraid to be themselves and express who they are, this is what we document and what they value.