My Story

Susan Darling

Photo by Jimmy Teo

Hi there!

I’m Susan, so good to meet you! Capturing and getting to know what’s important to you is what puts a smile on my face. Every adventure is unique and to share in your private moments is such a wonderful privilege.

My approach is to document you in your element, whether it’s running through the woods, visiting your favourite hang out, eating ice-cream to your hearts content or just enjoying little moments that bring you joy.

If my work strikes a chord with you, get in touch. I would love to tell your story.

A bit more about me

Capturing memories – that’s what it’s all about.

I’ve always loved photography. My earliest recollection of taking photos was at the age of 9, when I inherited my dad’s 35mm film camera. I would document whatever was happening around me. Once that roll winded back into it’s case I’d excitedly run the film to our local chemist in Wellington. 3 days would pass and I’d always hope the images would turn out – thankfully most of them did. It was all for fun and the joy of documenting life. Looking back at these memories I’m so glad I still have them today – I cherish them dearly.

Films, music, nature, my family, friends and the people I meet inspire me.

Stuff I love: My husband/partner in crime, my family and friends, camping, adventures, travel, meeting new people and daydreaming

Let's get together and talk about Love and Stuff!


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